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Duomo: 91 points

A quiet, accessible darker-roasted coffee, sweet and caramelly with a brisk, zesty edge.



Ukiah’s Black Oak Coffee wins Golden Bean roasting award

“That’s the heart of any good business,” said Frech. “We can’t reach one level and begin coasting. We have to keep improving.”



Best Mendocino Hikes: "fuel up at Ukiah’s Black Oak Coffee"

"On this particular morning, we’d fueled up at Ukiah’s Black Oak Coffee Roasters before hitting the road. We’d admired the giant coffee roaster in the high-ceilinged, industrial-chic space. We’d sipped our bee pollen-rimmed Lovers Lane Latte ($4) — bee pollen, people! — and savored a flaky bacon-cheddar quiche ($4.75) and buttery jam biscuit ($2.75). We’d mulled the joys of hipster fare and civilized comforts."



"Best Single Origin Coffee: 9.3 out of 10"

"I can’t remember the last time I had a coffee that was so consistently delicious from brew-to-brew, across all kinds of different parameters.

Seeing that my reviews are often published months after brewing my final cups of coffee from a particular bag, I’d encourage you to grab this coffee before it’s gone for the season."



"Ukiah coffee company wins top awards in prestigious national roasting competition"

"Black Oak Coffee Roasters recently won two Gold Medals for its single origin coffees at the 2016 Compak Golden Bean North America. Gedeb Lot 002, an Ethiopian coffee, won gold in the single origin pour over category. Banko, another Ethiopian coffee, took the gold in the single origin espresso category."


"Roaster Story: Black Oak Coffee Roasters"

"Black Oak's tiptoes the balance bean between offering fresh-crop coffees with sense of origin and creating a comforting third space of sorts for locals in an impressive manner."



"Savor the New Coastal Charm of Mendocino County"

"When friends visit from New York, we stock up on snacks at Ukiah Natural Foods, grab a Lover’s Lane Latte at Black Oak Coffee, then head to Montgomery Woods for a hike under the redwoods. There is no more perfect end to a day than with a soak at Orr Hot Springs just up the road. Orr sells day passes, but guests can also book lodging there."



"Coffee’s Journey On The California North Coast"

"With the opening of Keith Feigin and Jon Frech’s Black Oak Coffee Roasters in Ukiah, there is now a coffee destination, for both travelers and locals alike."



"Business of the Year"

"Black Oak Coffee has all the trappings of a so-called Third Wave coffee bar now common in big cities like San Francisco and Portland, including single-serve drip coffee, latte art, and single-origin coffees"


Black Oak Coffee: No Ordinary Joe

"Closer to home, the roaster at Black Oak is clearly visible, as soon as customers walk in from the parking lot. It is a 1957 gas-powered Probat, a convection oven with a thick iron gauge and intricate piping."



The Lover's Lane Latte

"We knew early in the process that if we were to be successful in this beautiful and pristine, but relatively small and isolated, place we needed a menu with a kind of generosity that made our customers feel welcome."



For Fans of Dessert, Jazz: Kabatha AB Kenya

"They want their coffee to be so good you would drive across the county for a cup... I can tell you one thing, if this Kabatha AB, Kenya is on the brew bar, fire up the car and get there… now. "




Columbia Villa Martinez : Delicious From Beginning to End

"Instead of throwing itself at your palate all at once, it slowly peels away layer after layer, teasing and revealing only what it chooses to reveal in any given sip. It is curvy and full-figured and voluptuous, absolutely brimming with beautiful flavors: soft florals, mellow winey acidity, sacchariferous confections…

Really, truly – an incredible coffee."